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    20 Shows To Binge Watch Over Winter Break

    Winter break is the perfect time to catch up on all your shows and start some new ones. Here's 20 shows to keep you busy. By: Maxine Kozak, Storyteller for RU Student Life

    1. Chill out with Broad City

    2. Go on an adventure with Rick and Morty

    3. Catch up on Stranger Things

    4. Explore the world of Bojack Horseman

    5. Unwind with The Mindy Project

    6. Stay woke and watch Dear White People

    7. Relax and watch Bob's Burgers

    8. Bend the knee for Game of Thrones

    9. Get comfortable and watch The Last Man on Earth

    10. Experience the terror of American Horror Story

    11. Hold onto the edge of your seat for Black Mirror

    12. Witness the suspense with Hannibal

    13. You won't be able to stop watching Parks and Recreation

    14. Can't forget The Office

    15. You'll love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    16. Get your true crime fix with Mindhunter

    17. Watch Big Mouth and reminisce about your pre-teen years

    18. Check out Disjointed and escape from reality

    19. If you liked Stranger Things, you'll love The OA

    20. Watch Scandal and lose yourself in the drama