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    16 Parks And Recreation GIFs That Describe The End Of The Semester

    It's not always easy getting through the last few weeks of school, and no show can describe it better than Parks and Recreation By Sunita Singh Hans, Storyteller for RU Student Life

    1. Trying your best to finish those final assignments

    2. And you just want to be finished but it feels like you never will be

    3. When it feels like everyone else is in holiday mode except for you

    4. When you look at the exam review and it’s 30 pages long

    5. But then you get through it and feel like you can do anything

    6. Sometimes the stress can make you a little out of it

    7. And you feel procrastination coming on constantly

    8. When someone asks you how the studying is going:

    9. So you resort to finding comfort wherever you can, like in food...

    10. And in the words of encouragement you give yourself...

    11. And the support you receive from others...

    12. But then the end finally arrives

    13. And you realize how much you’ve accomplished

    14. And you walk out of your final exam like

    15. Now there’s nothing left but to party

    16. And of course, once you make it to that finish line, don’t forget to...