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    15 #PleasurePrinciples About Dating

    By Robyn Bidgood and Amanda Costa from Ryerson’s Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education

    When it came to sex ed in high school, did you only learn about the STIs and how to put on a condom? Were you taught that sex was filled will risks and not something we were allowed to enjoy? If so, you know that pleasure was never typically part of this conversation. Which is odd because that’s kinda the point. We want to move the conversation back to what it should be about; how to make ourselves and our partners feel good. Whether it’s a casual hook-up or long term relationship our #PleasurePrinciple is good feels for all!

    Here are our 15 tips you can make dating more honest, consent positive, and fun for everyone.



    Before any good date, you should explore your #PleasurePrinciple

    1. Feel your flawless self #PleasurePrinciple


    2. Learn what makes you feel good #PleasurePrinciple


    3. Say yes to yourself #PleasurePrinciple


    Knowing your Partner’s pleasure


    Dating isn’t all about your pleasure, remember your partner #PleasurePrinciple

    4. Pay attention: your partner knows what they like best #PleasurePrinciple


    5. Communicate. Otherwise you’ll never know their #PleasurePrinciple


    6. Ask before ya do. Always #PleasurePrinciple

    What to do while on a date


    Did bae say yes? Know what to do next #PleasurePrinciple

    7. Check in, every step of the way #PleasurePrinciple


    8. Ask things like “Do you feel good?” “Are you feeling yourself?” #PleasurePrinciple


    9. Remember that you and your partner have the right to change your mind #PleasurePrinciple


    Know what “no” looks like


    Not sure if they are feeling it? Here are some signals #PleasurePrinciple

    10. A maybe does not mean yes #PleasurePrinciple


    11. Silence is no #PleasurePrinciple


    12. Uncertainty does not mean convince me #PleasurePrinciple


    How to deal with rejection


    Not everyone is going to say yes and that’s okay #PleasurePrinciple

    13. Understand what you like may not be what they like #PleasurePrinciple


    14. Consider that your sights might be best set elsewhere #PleasurePrinciple


    15. Remember no one owes you anything. #Iaintsorry #PleasurePrinciple


    If you need support here are some numbers you can call:

    People of all genders, can contact Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre:

    416-597-8808 or

    If you self identify as a woman, you can call the Assaulted Women’s Hotline:


    If you self identify as a man, you can call the Support Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse: 1-866-887-0015

    If you self identify as LGBTQ, you can contact the LGBTQ Youthline:


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