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    15 Game Of Thrones Scenes That Perfectly Captured Student Life

    If only our professors would "bend the knee" and give us all A's, student life would be way less stressful. By Jessica Huynh, Storyteller for RU Student Life

    15. Whenever you check the syllabus.

    14. When you're trying to get some hardcore studying done in the SLC but your friend convinces you to get food with them instead.

    13. When the prof announces that you'll be working in a group.

    12. When someone finally comes back from the washroom after asking you to, "Watch their stuff quickly."

    11. When you realize you have a paper, a midterm, a research proposal, a project, and a presentation all due on the same day.

    10. When you don't recognize anyone in your liberal classes, so you have a lot of polite conversations about the weather.

    9. When you were planning to skip class to sleep in, only to remember that the paper due was hard copy only.

    8. When that one student starts complaining for the 100th time about how unfair the marking is.

    7. When your friend reminds you there's a in-class quiz today...2 minutes before class.

    6. When a group member doesn't contribute their share of the group work.

    5. When you try your best, but can't help dozing off in the movie theatre lectures.

    4. When everyone's worried about failing, but you did the math and you're passing regardless if you write the final exam.

    3. When someone asks you what you want to do after you graduate.

    2. When people ask you how you're able to go to school full time, work a part-time job, be a part of a student group, have a social life, and still find personal time for yourself.

    1. When winter (break) is coming, which means you'll get to do all the things you're already doing instead of schoolwork, just without the guilt!