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    15 Bojack Horseman Moments Every Student Can Relate To

    In honour of the new season of Bojack Horseman, I've compiled a list of moments every student can relate to. The show is full of harsh truths and life lessons that while depressing, ultimately helped me to feel less alone. If you haven't seen Bojack already, head on over to Netflix for 4 seasons of binge-worthy mayhem. By Maxine Kozak, Storyteller for RU Student Life.

    1. Going back to school like

    2. When you've been working on an assignment all day but still feel like you've made zero progress

    3. That feeling of existential dread whenever you think about your future

    4. When you have no self control when it comes to food

    5. Trying to take advantage of your free Ryerson gym membership and failing miserably

    6. When adulting is harder than you thought it would be

    7. Going out even though you have class at 8am and rationalizing it like

    8. And waking up the next morning to that 7:30am alarm

    9. Trying to get some work done on the weekends like...

    10. Running low on food and experimenting like

    11. When you've been procrastinating all week

    12. And you give yourself a Princess Caroline style pep talk

    13. When you should be doing your work but instead you're doing literally anything else

    14. When your OSAP finally comes in

    15. And then you check your bank account and realize you still need to get a job