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10 Ryerson Life Hacks You Need To Know

Rams can stop stressing about the little things after reading these 10 hacks. By Jessica Lam.

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10 Ryerson Life Hacks Every Student Needs to Know

When I first entered university back in 2013, I felt like everyone in the upper year students were a lot older and more mature than me. But, now that I'm in my fourth year, I know that upper years aren't as old and mature as I thought – I still can't even cook for myself. I may not have gained as much experience as I expected to in the last four years, but I've definitely gained some expertise as a Ryersonian.

Here are a few tips I've learned that might benefit other students and help to get you through this semester and ultimately the school year.

1. Use Your OneCard for Discounts


Twenty per cent off at Roots, 10 per cent off at Topshop, 15 per cent off at Boathouse, 10 per cent off at Basil Box – we've got so many discounts with our student cards and nobody ever tells us about them. The list goes on, 10 per cent off at Sobeys and don't forget about 10 per cent off at the Gould Street Metro (the one by the RCC) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

2. If you're in a rush to get to class save a minute or two by walking behind the rocks of Lake Devo on Victoria Street.


Sometimes it gets really busy along Gould Street, and you end up stuck behind people who walk slowly. The pathway behind Lake Devo is always clear and happens to feel shorter. You can also walk across Lake Devo sometimes if there aren't skaters skating around (meaning skateboarders or ice skaters).

3. If the "RU-Secure" WiFi isn't working use "eduroam"

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Sometimes the Ryerson WiFi likes to be annoying. In that case, use "eduroam" instead. All you need to do is log-on with your regular Ryerson credentials! Pro-tip: the eduroam network lets you access internet on any university campus!

4. Sync your Ryerson email with your iCloud calendar

Every year I spent the first month digging through photos on my phone to find my schedule. If you're an Apple user, sync your Ryerson Google calendar with your iCloud and your classes will appear in your calendar App. You'll know exactly where and when they are without having to struggle with photos.

5. Use the staplers in the library building if you forget to staple assignments at home

This isn't a major life hack but it's something not everyone knows about. I used to hand in all my essays to my professors without them stapled until I discovered the staplers in the library.

6. Sell your things to other Ryerson students with the Bgon app

Instead of copying and pasting the same "selling/buying ___ textbook" message in five different Facebook groups and spamming all your friends, use the Bgon app to sell your textbooks exclusively to other Ryerson students. You can sell practically anything you want from textbooks to clothes or even furniture.

7. Order lunch or dinner through Ritual or Grabb

Why wait in line to order and pick up Salad King when you can order ahead through an App and pick it up right when it's ready? Ritual and Grabb both have their perks so I use them both.

9. If you're stuck in line at Starbucks Church & Gerrard, order with your mobile

The Starbucks at Church and Gerrard Streets almost always has a long line up and you can often wait between 10 to 15 minutes before getting your drink. One time I ordered through the Starbucks App received my drink within a minute and skipped the 10 people that were in line in before me.

10. Use indoor pathways to keep warm during the winter.

Walk from Union to Dundas through the PATH to save $3 on a subway fare. Walk from the subway to the AMC Theatre or TRSM. Walk through the SLC or library building to get to Kerr Hall or the RCC. All of these paths will save you from the cold, because we all know winter is coming.

Hopefully these life hacks helped you in some way. If you have any other tips, let us know in the comments or use #RULifeHacks. Have a great school year!

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