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10 DIY Halloween Costumes Only Ryerson Students Would Understand

With DIY costumes this easy, RU dressing up this Halloween season? Written by Jessica Huynh, Storyteller for RU Student Life

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Kitty Zhang

Round up a group of four, with each of you sporting Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Blue, and Neon Green from head-to-toe. Spend the rest of the evening taking your sweet, sweet time getting from point A to B.

When people ask you what your group is supposed to be, tell them you're, "The SLC Elevators."


Kitty Zhang

Purchase an all gold outfit, or grab white clothes and spray paint the entire garment gold. Makeshift your own “ROAD CLOSED” sign using cardboard and paint. Punch two holes, grab some string, and hang this masterpiece off your neck.

When people ask you what you are supposed to be, tell them you’re, “Gould Street!”


Kitty Zhang

Here’s a crafty one: Trace your hand on several pieces of black construction paper. Cut the outline out. Buy an outfit that includes Ryerson’s main colours: Blue and Gold. Glue or tape these hand traces all over your body.

When people ask you what you are supposed to be, tell them you’re “Ryerson's super practical and hands-on approach to education!”


Kitty Zhang

On a budget? Wear all black and glue some Starbucks cups, Balzac's cups, and Tim Horton's cups. all over yourself. When people ask you what you’re supposed to be, tell them you’re, “A Ryerson student's diet.”


Steward / Via Flickr: semi-detached

This one requires a little bit of work to pull off. Purchase some black, light grey, and dark grey feathers from your local craft shop. Glue these all over your black top, Create a makeshift white beak using construction paper and use an elastic string to hold it place around your head. Using orangey pink pipe cleaners, create one large bird claw with a long “stem.” Glue the stem to the bottom of your shirt so the stem dangles and the claw hangs. Wear black pants so the claw stands out.

When people ask you what you are supposed to be, tell them you’re, “The One-Legged Pigeon.”


Shawn Micalle / Via Twitter: @shawnmicallef

Don’t put your beach attire away just yet! Wear your favourite beach clothes and purchase some beige hacky sacks. Glue these to your outfit.

When people ask you what you are supposed to be, tell them you're “Everyone's favourite SLC floor: the Beach!”


Kitty Zhang

Dress up in 90s male street fashion. Use the movie, “Kids” by Harmony Korine as inspiration. Carry around a skateboard all night and crash into people apologetically as they walk.

When people ask you who you are supposed to be, tell them you’re, “A Lake Devo Skater.”


Paul Wong / Via

Buy an all green outfit and purchase some green tissue paper. Strategically glue this all over your outfit. Buy a cheap crown from Dollerama (or better, grab one of those paper crowns from Burger King). Head to your local grocery store and purchase a generous amount of small red chili peppers. Glue these all over your outfit and keep a handful in your pocket.

When people ask you what you are supposed to be, tell them you’re, “Salad King. How many chilis would you like?”



Wear a plain black t-shirt with black pants. Using white and red fabric paint, stencil a large red question mark on the front of your shirt. Outline a white square around the question mark. On top of square, write “WHERE IS” and at the bottom, “SHE.” Similar to this logo from Black Eyed Peas’ Music Video, “WHERE IS THE LOVE?”

When people ask you what your shirt means, look them dead in the eye and say, “Do YOU know where Sally Horsefall Eaton Centre is?”


RU Student Life / Via Facebook: video.php

Dress up like Drake from his music video, “Hotline Bling.”

When people ask you what you are supposed to be, tell them you’re Drake. Then proceed to brag all night about that time Drake came to your school, instagrammed a photo of Ryerson, and how the Hotline Bling music video totally looks like the SLC Elevators.

Which DIY Ryerson Costume did you like best? RU going to show some Ram Spirit this Halloween? Share with your friends and us what you think!

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