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The Definite Ranking Of RuPaul's Drag Race Winners

(As voted by the fans!) I put out a survey putting all the Drag Race winners against one another, asking fans to choose who is the best. Therefore the survey determined the fan’s vote on who the best winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is. There were no specifications on what “Best Winner” meant, so people were free to have their own interpretation. Whether it was the queens’ performance on the show, their legacy after the show, or their overall impression as an individual, this is how the fans reacted to each winner being paired against one another and these are the results! Original Survey:

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11th - TYRA SANCHEZ (Season 2)

No one can deny that Tyra deserved to win Season 2 hands down. Even against fan favorite Raven, Tyra collectively did the best, and had one of the most impressive journeys to the crown. Even if you didn’t like her you have to admit she slayed. The problem with Tyra is that she is definitely an acquired taste. She has a very specific attitude that doesn’t always rub people the right way, and she’s gotten herself in to a lot of trouble with it one too many times. That being said, this attitude is the same reason some fans continue LIVING for her, while the haters remain DYING. Like I said, she’s an acquired taste. Her attitude though has hindered her post Drag Race career from reaching a level she had all the potential for, and she hasn’t done as many amazing things as the other winners have. So while she was one of the best based on her performance during the show, she’s easily the worst due to what she’s done with her career… which isn’t a whole lot. As fierce as she is, most people don’t have the tolerance for her behaviour, making her the least liked winner by a landslide and considered "the worst."

10th - BEBE ZAHARA BENET (Season 1)

In reality, Bebe is a ridiculously fierce queen. On her season she demonstrated a graceful and poised attitude with a few diva moments sprinkled in there. She executed beautiful looks and entertaining challenge performances. As well, Bebe was the OG lip sync assassin that could probably give some of the newer queens today a run for their money. So why is Bebe so far down on this list? Because she’s forgotten about! And it’s not her fault! Season 1 is the lost the season, and is widely inaccessible to many viewers. From the Vaseline filtered camera lens to the different main stage, it feels like a different show all together, and sometimes more of a trial run before the actual show picked up its feet. Because of this, many people aren’t familiar with Bebe’s performance, and her season wasn’t long enough to really give a lasting impression. Not to mention because Season 1 was so long ago and the first of its kind, there weren’t as many opportunities the winners get today and Bebe’s post Drag Race career is obviously not on the same level as current Drag Racers. She just didn’t have the same chances! I do believe though if she was re-introduced to the franchise somehow, her popularity and placement on this list would be much higher. But sadly, her career is outshined by the following queens.

9th - CHAD MICHAELS (All Stars 1)

Chad is WHAT? Professional! Chad Michaels is a true drag veteran. She’s been around for a long time. A long, long, long, long time. He pre Drag Race career is quite impressive. She had been a showgirl in Vegas for many years ranking amongst the greatest, and is best known as one of the greatest, if not the best Cher impersonator ever. She was one of the better known names in the Drag world, so it’s no wonder Ru wanted her to be on her show. Here’s a fun fact, Ru actually invited Chad to be on Season 1, but Chad declined. After seeing the show evolve, Chad then auditioned and was eventually placed on Season 4. Chad was a front-runner on Season 4 from the moment she walked in. During the season, she delivered great performances in the challenges, served some elegant looks, and was a leader amongst the girls with a great head on her shoulders. There was just one problem... Sharon Needles. The season just belonged to Sharon who stood out as the breakout star, and because of this she took the crown leaving Chad as the runner-up. My personal belief is that because of Chad’s career, Ru still wanted Chad to be one of her winners and represent the legacy. So when the first All Stars came around, Chad was of course invited back. Chad winning this season of All Stars however is what makes her much lower on the list. All Stars 1 is easily the worst season of the show having a phenomenal cast, but a tremendous amount of wasted potential on the season’s format with teams and only six episodes. Although recognized as a great queen, Chad wasn’t really able to have as much of an impressive run on her season as the other winners did, and won mostly for being a little more favoured than the other All Stars. Her win was often forgotten about over a few years, until All Stars returned and Chad’s win was recognized again. It has nothing do with Chad as an indivudal who is generally a very well liked queen, nor does it have to do with what she’s done with her career, which is just as amazing as it was pre Drag Race. As mentioned, it’s just that her run on the specific season she won wasn’t able to be as impressive as what the other winners were able to accomplish. However her career is strong enough to place her ahead of the other two. Maybe if she had been on Season 1 and was known as the OG winner rather than the first All Star, she could’ve been higher on this list.

8th - VIOLET CHACHKI (Season 7)

Violet is an incredibly talented queen and a breath of fresh air in the winners' circle. She truly brings something different to the table. Violet is master of a skill-set which is fashion. And out of any queen to ever be on the show, Violet served 100% fully realized, conceptual polished looks better than anyone. That being said, when one is a master of a skillset, they’re usually weak in another area, and Violet isn’t the strongest actress. This is one of the qualities I believe that places her lower on the list. She just doesn’t have the same theatrical presence as most of the other winners do. The other problem that places her lower on this list was the specific season she was on... Season 7. At the time, it was considered to be one of the worst seasons. This was due to the fact that the challenges always had the queens grouped together never getting to see the queens’ individual creativity. Also, it was deemed “the fashion season” with half the cast being modelesque drag queens, yet had one too many acting challenges more than any other season, which was terribly confusing. Because of this, Season 7 was all over the place and didn’t allow for any of the queens to have an amazing run. It also highlighed lot of weaknesses of the queens, which of course affected Violet as well. However, Violet was super confident, always polished, and despite having to compete in many challenges that weren’t her forte, she never placed in the bottom two. She was also very level headed and despite her age, she was one of the most professional behind the scenes versus some of the older queens claiming that the younger ones wouldn’t be able to handle winning the crown. She’s had a very successful post Drag Race career that has been in a very different field from our other winners. That being said, because she’s more of a visual queen and doesn't have that strong presence, she isn’t as regarded as much as the queens higher on this list, and is easier to dismiss. However people still generally really like Violet and recognize and respect her talent. And lest we forget, that Season 8 finale dress gurl...

7th - SASHA VELOUR (Season 9)

Our current reigning queen, as the recently crowned winner of Season 9. Sasha is an avant-garde queen whose style really contrasts our previous winners. During her time on the show, she delivered some amazing unique looks, she performed exceptionally well in over half of the challenges and only placed “low” once. So what makes her 7th on this list? Well people are excited about having a new winner, which places her above the other four queens on this list who are easier to dismiss. However, because she’s only been recently crowned, she hasn’t had the time to impress the fans with any type of career yet, that could potentially earn her a spot above the previous winners higher on the list who have all had impressive careers. The other thing placing Sasha lower on the list, I believe, is that her win was quite controversial. Since the live finale was introduced many seasons ago, once the competition had been narrowed down to the Top 3, the winner has always been quite clear. Generally, the winners all did the best and had the most fan support, and every season it’s always been quite obvious. Season 9 wasn’t like this at all, it was the tightest the race had ever been. So much so that when the competition came down to the Top 4, Ru couldn’t decide who to eliminate. There were pros and cons to each of the Top 4 finalists, so Ru decided that since they were all lip sync artists, a lip sync battle would determine the winner. In the end Sasha’s recently iconic performance of Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional” and an additional performance of “It’s Night Right But It’s Okay” had her steal the spotlight and outshined her competitors earning her the crown. Not to mention having the most fan support with her hashtag #TeamSasha. If her performance at the finale is how good her shows are, then I’m buying a ticket! Because the competition was so close, it was going to be controversial no matter who won. A lot of fans take challenge wins very seriously as well and Sasha only won two despite the fact she was the first runner up to winning five other challenges. However if there’s one thing other queens in the Drag Race world have said, it’s that Sasha’s a really cool person, very down to earth, and super easy to work with. Because the finale was not long ago, fans are still processing the dramatic finale, but overtime I believe Sasha’s post Drag Race career will validate why she deserved to be America’s Next Drag Superstar.

6th - BOB THE DRAG QUEEN (Season 8)


Coming directly in the middle of the list is our former f*cking reigning, Bob The Drag Queen. Never has there ever been a winner as obvious as Bob during Season 8. As soon as the queens were introduced, everybody knew she would win, and she did. Pre Drag Race, Bob caught the attention of former winners and Ru herself and it was only a matter of time before she competed. During the competition, Bob stole the entire show. Everything was always about her, and she walked into the work room each week knowing she would win. She was hilarious, creative, and above all entertaining. Fans have often dubbed Season 8 as “Bob’s Drag Race” because she got the most amount of screen time by far, and to be fair, she deserved it. So why is Bob lower on this list? Bob does have a few cons. For one thing, Bob has been criticized before for “showboating” and trying to show off just a little too much. I wouldn’t say it’s something people dislike about Bob, but more of a pet peeve people have towards that kind of personality. Bob was also criticized for always talking over others which can be a bit frustrating, and there was some obvious tension between Bob and several of her Season 8 cast mates. Season 8 unfortunately was also a very short season with only a total of nine challenges. Although Bob did extremely well winning three challenges and only having to lip sync once, the length of her season didn’t give her as much of an opportunity to shine and have an impressive run as some of the other winners higher on the list. Although she worked hard, it was still considered to some as an easy win. Her post Drag Race career has been impressive, and she rightfully belongs in the winners’ circle. Although she’s able to be amongst the greatest, she just isn’t able to steal the show from the next five winners that outshine her.

5th - JINKX MONSOON (Season 5)

The first of our five queens at the top of the list is Season 5’s Jinkx Monsoon. Jinkx had an amazing journey on her season. After being considered one of the filler queens as the competition began, Jinkx rose to the top in week three and stayed at the top throughout the entire competition, placing high eight weeks in a row. Even though she did so well, she was considered the underdog for she was up against extremely catty queens who discredited her talent and the infamous clique Rolasktox. Her victory on Season 5 was so satisfying as she was left competing against Rolaskatox in the Top 4 and ended up beating them one at a time and coming out on top. Jinkx is arguably the most talented winner. For one thing, she’s the best actress the show has ever had. The way she’s able to portray almost any character is quite impressive. She also has some of the best vocal pipes of any queen to be on the show. Not only that but she’s incredibly charming and hilarious. Similar to how Violet was the master of fashion, yet weak as an actress, Jinkx is the antithesis of Violet. She is the master of acting, yet very weak at fashion, and that was one of her biggest struggles throughout her season. To this day, Jinkx hires a stylist because she claims fashion has never been her forte. Although she struggled on the runway, Season 5 had enough acting and comedy challenges to make Jinkx really shine. So why is our Broadway starlet only 5th on this list? My personal belief is that people don’t find her as "cool" as the Top 4 and that Jinkx has a very specific talent and brand, which is not necessarily for everyone. It’s almost like she’s the underdog in this list, yet again. However those who recognize her talents know that Jinkx is without a doubt a phenomenal queen, and could very well be higher on this list.

4th - RAJA (Season 3)

“Condragulations Raja” was left on the mirror as Mariah sashayed away, alluding to the fact that Raja would most likely win because she could do no wrong… and she was right. Raja is just one incredible queen. On Season 3, Raja walked in to the work room in a cyclops hat that had the other queens laughing at her. It was that kind of style and sense of humour that would eventually win her the crown. Starting with her fashion, Raja was the OG fashion queen of Drag Race, bringing you creative looks week after week that very artistic concepts that clearly demonstrated a touch of Raja’s club kid background. What made Raja such a front runner is that she’s ridiculously intelligent. She knew how to tackle every challenge, and her dominating presence easily made her the leader of her cast and her own clique “The Heathers.” Raja really could do no wrong for she was able to build such an incredible relationship with the judges, and knew how to take their critiques and apply it to her performance. Raja is just one of those people you really want to hang out with, and she’s just so damn likeable it puts her high on this list. Her career has been impressive, both pre Drag Race and post Drag Race. Although her season was all the way back in 2011, Raja has maintained to stay relevant for all these years, and her opinions on the show and the newer queens are very highly respected. She may not be much of a lip sync performer, but her creativity speaks for itself. So why is Raja only number four? She’s practically tied with our 3rd place winner, and the queens at the top of list have just managed to be slightly more impressive with their runs and careers, but Raja is without doubt still one of people’s favourite winners.

3rd - SHARON NEEDLES (Season 4)

The queen who changed it all. Prior to Season 4, Drag Race highlighted queens that were slightly more glamorous, with beauty and pageantry definitely being held at a much higher standard. Then Sharon came along and really was the first eccentric queen the show had. She was laughed at as soon as she walked in, but she was the one with the last laugh. Sharon had a quite the impressive run on her season, having two challenge wins in the first three weeks, and finishing the competition with a total of four challenge wins. She held this record for most challenges wins for many years. What highlighted her eccentric style was her infamous feud against Phi Phi O’Hara, a contrasting pageant queen at the time who harshly criticized Sharon’s style. Phi Phi was the ultimate villain, and Sharon was the hero fans were rooting for. Sharon is someone whose also just good at everything. She turned out incredible looks, she proved to be a talented actress and comedian, as well as being highly intelligent. This is all wrapped up in a Halloween styled brand that works perfectly. She really did change the game, and is often praised as one of the best winners the show has ever had. While her post Drag Race career has been successful, she has gotten in trouble quite a few times with some behaviour and slurs people really didn’t like, but most people have come to forgive her. She's just a rockstar. With one of the most dominating runs, and the winner of one of the most entertaining seasons, Sharon sits well deserved in the Top 3 of this list.

2nd - ALASKA (All Stars 2)

The runnerup for the Best Drag Race winner is Alaska Thunderfuck 5000... from the planet Glamtron. Alaska, out of any queen has had the most extensive history with the show. She heard about Drag Race before it even existed and auditioned all the way back for Season 1. After not getting on Seasons 1, 2 and 3, Alaska made it all the way to the Top 20 for Season 4 with her boyfriend at the time, Sharon Needles (who had only auditioned once). After her fourth try, Alaska didn’t make the cut and watched her boyfriend go on Season 4, then end up winning the entire thing. As you can imagine, that probably made for a very interesting dynamic in their relationship. Alaska was always seen in the audience at Drag Race events supporting Sharon and was known simply as “the boyfriend.” Then Season 5 rolled around and Alaska finally made it on the show. However, she was now branded as being the boyfriend of the previous winner and a second-rate version of him. Despite the early criticisms, Alaska managed to have a successful run on Season 5 even while being associated with the clique Rolaskatox. She made it all the way to the end and after coming close to winning, she was eventually the runner-up to Jinkx Monsoon. This was a defeat that genuinely hurt Alaska. Not only was it something she wanted for five years, but she also had to deal with not being able to accomplish what her boyfriend did the year before. This didn’t stop her though. As soon as Season 5 wrapped, Alaska got her ass to work and put out incredible content, and performed incredible shows making her one of the most popular Ru girls ever. Although she wasn’t a winner she had built a career that rivaled the other winners, and fans absolutely loved her and associated her with royalty. There was always talk that if there was ever a second season of All Stars, Alaska would without a doubt win. Then All Stars 2 did roll around and Alaska was cast. Week after week she slayed the competition like no other, tying four challenge wins with Sharon! It wasn't easy though. Everyone predicted her as a winner, but now weren’t rooting for her as much as before because it was too obvious she would win and she was up against the most beloved queen, Katya. She was forced with a twist on All Stars having to eliminate other queens, and fans criticized some of her decisions dubbing her “a snake.” Then a week before the finale, Alaska did the worst at a challenge and placed in the bottom for the first time. Due to the queens pact on how they would eliminate, Alaska thought she’d be the one to go and had a meltdown, because it was an extremely long journey for her to get to where she was. She advanced and ended up winning the crown, rightfully so. Alaska is a queen who truly does it all. Looks, acting, comedy, lip syncs, music, and above all DRAG, she does drag extremely well! She is the biggest fan of the show itself and winning definitely meant more to her than most. In a way Alaska winning was the show crowning itself. As Katya put it in her Hey Qween interview, Alaska really is Ru’s protige, and is the closest a queen has come to having a legacy similar to Ru’s. This is why Alaska’s at the top of the list. But there’s just one bitch she couldn’t beat…

1st - BIANCA DEL RIO (Season 6)

(pretendstobeshocked.gif ) Bianca Del Rio is considered The Best Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race and we all saw it coming. She’s a bitch you just can’t beat, and it doesn’t need more of an explanation that that. Her run on the show was the most impressive. Despite a similar silhouette, she had beautiful looks, and she crushed all the challenges becoming the only queen to never fall low in the herstory of the show’s run. She is the master of reading and throwing shade, and it’s her intelligence behind this talent that truly makes her stand above the rest. Pre Drag Race, Bianca used to host many events thrown for the Drag Race girls. After hearing some queens make fun of her, she went on Drag Race and became the single most successful contestant on the show. Her post Drag Race career has been truly impressive with a movie, several comedy specials and more. Out of any Drag Race winner, she is definitely the most famous, the most successful, and most mainstream. On top of all this, her reputation is flawless. Everybody loves working with her, knows her to be an incredible human being, and knows you can't beat her. Bianca is also a natural born leader and has an incredibly dominating presence and personality. I believe it’s this presence that just easily puts her above the rest. And that’s really all there is to it. With the most successful run on the show, arguably the most successful career, and the intelligence, humour, and humility behind the clown make-up, Bianca is the Best Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race.


In an obvious outcome, Queen Henny won the vote against every bitch on the planet. Even though she's won the entire poll, don't be afraid to talk to her if you see her on the street! It's still her henny, it's still her!

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