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10 Signs Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Two beers before lunch? Fido isn't counting.

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10. You're on the same page about almost everything.

You look at each other knowingly when a friend asks if you want to kick it in the park and play some disc golf. The two of you also assume the friend will sit in the backseat on the way there.

9. PDA is natural and expected.

No uncomfortable hugs between you two. Whether it's lazy naps together on the couch, or completely casual face licks — it's all about the love.

8. Adventure means being together.

Your family rolls their eyes when you ask if the hotel for the family vacation is "pet friendly." You never consider going on a cruise because your dog gets seasick. And forget about flying an airline that doesn't allow your best pal in the cabin.

7. You both have the same taste in music.


Or at least that's what you tell yourself when you don't hear any complaints from the pooch in the passenger seat. He knows you're still heartsick about Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore splitting up. He doesn't judge.


6. Working out together is part of the bargain.

And you're both fully aware you only jog when people are around. The rest of the time you're fighting the temptation to go lay under that tree.

5. Neither of you really care what other people think.


You both know what's goin' on. When your girlfriend scoffs at your new faux fur jacket, you don't get mad. You just shoot a glance to your four-legged confidant that says, no one understands us like we do.

4. You have more selfies with your dog than without.

Not everyone wants to see what you look like in the morning, but who wouldn't want to see what you plus your BFFF (Best. Fur. Friend. Forever.) look like rolling out of bed.

3. Your dog knows when to tell you to step away from Netflix.

And when to curl up with you on the futon when you tell it for the third time to just. continue. playing. That's real friendship.

2. You like to try new things together.

Even if it's because your S.O. made you, and then you conveniently look to your down hound to get you out of it. "Doesn't look like The Dude likes trainspotting all that much; damn, well we'll wait for ya down at the dog park/wine bar."

1. You couldn't imagine your life without them.

After all, your dog's not your best friend by default. Your dog's your best friend because he's the most together, on point, and caring person you know. And you're the only one he's got.

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