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Google Game Of Thrones and you will find numerous fan sites with people obsessing and speculating over who will and should end up on the Iron Throne. Here's the most interesting and maybe sensible of all:

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5. Lord Baelish Aka LittleFinger

Last episode, Mockingbird, just proved that one shudn't trust someone named Littlefinger. He's constantly scheming and conning people. And, like he told Sansa Stark he wants everything. He's definitely got brains for it, if not the blood.

4. Varys Aka Spider

He has a body parts missing and that just means he has all the in this world time for pursuing the Iron Throne, unlike most of the characters. Spider has deception as on of his best qualities, so it would be completely understandable if he ends up in that iron chair.

3. Arya Stark

Spoiler Alert! Read only if you like to know how season 4 will end for this little wolf.

News are that Arya will end up in Braavos by the end of the season to train as faceless assassin. She already has list ready. Team Arya likes to believe she succeed in butchering everyone on the list and take over Seven Kingdoms. You Go Girl!

2. Daenerys Targayern

Dany is now solid contender with 8000 strong army of Unsullied and 2000 second sons. Plus, men are always ready to either fight for her or marry her. Any got a reason why she won't be sitting on the Iron Throne soon?

1. Jon Snow

Shocking Right! If rumors are to be believed Jon Snow isn't Eddard Stark's bastard, instead he might be Targayern child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Eddard's sister Lyanna. He is supposed to accidentally end up with it while defending Starks.

Far-fetched...but totally acceptable. Who doesn't like Jon Snow!

I guess, we will have to keep watching Game of Thrones to know for sure.

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