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Who Is Maria Sharapova

Awkwardly enough, this is what is alongside #Wimbledon2014 on twitter. Angry cricket fans started asking 'Who is Maria Sharapova' after the famous tennis player was asked if she knew Sachin Tendulkar in a post-match interview and she admitted that she din't know who her was. And, this is what happens when you say you don't know about the god of cricket, on national TV.

RunwayMonk 5 years ago


Google Game Of Thrones and you will find numerous fan sites with people obsessing and speculating over who will and should end up on the Iron Throne. Here's the most interesting and maybe sensible of all:

RunwayMonk 5 years ago

Can They Sit In Those Met Gala Dresses?

We all love Met Gala's red carpet fashion. But have you ever wondered how those celebrities sit in those beautiful extravagant gowns? Here are few examples that will make you wonder, if you haven't already:

RunwayMonk 5 years ago