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    SCANDAL: 9 Reasons Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Gladiator In A Suit

    With new episodes of Scandal starting, we had to share. Elizabeth Warren is a fighter. She’s taken on Wall Street, Big Pharma and financial corruption. She’s America’s Gladiator in a Suit. Also #TGIT.

    1. 40 million people are dealing with crippling student debt, and that’s not OK with her.

    2. She’s not into NSA surveillance.

    3. There is a housing crisis, and she’s handling it.

    4. She’s taking on extreme Wall Street corruption.

    5. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions in Senate confirmation hearings.

    6. She fights for gender equality.

    *********QUICK WINE BREAK**********

    7. She fights for professional equality in all branches of the US Government.

    8. It’s almost like she’s too good to be true.

    9. Elizabeth Warren would make an excellent president.

    Visit to learn more and join the campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for president of the United States.