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Why I Think 'Woman In The Kitchen' Jokes Are Funny

But I probably won't make you a sandwich. Oh, and your mom is so dumb! That was all.

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Can we not all laugh at the "ERMAHGERD FLERP FLERPS" girl in unison?! The first time I ever saw that beautiful piece of art, I laughed so hard soda came out of my nose (wasn't even drinking soda!).

I repinned that sucker on Pinterest the second I saw it. I put it on to my "McFearless" board. Five minutes later, I get an email from Pinterest!

Ermahgerd! Pinterest emailed me! That means someone repinned my shtuffff. I have never been so excited A) because this was the first time and B) because someone had commented on it!

I can't wait to see what Judy A. says.

"This girl clearly had no intentions of her being ridiculed like this. This should be taken down immediately! How would you like it if you saw your picture being made fun of!? This is disgraceful and should be taken down immediately."

Poop on you Judy A.!! This is the funniest thing I've seen all day!! Don't take away my glory and my happiness. You know what? If I REALLY looked like this and my mother REALLY took that picture and my family REALLY didnt' burn it in to a bottomless pit 20 years ago like they should have...

Then YES. I would LOVE to be ERMAHGERD FLERP FLERPS girl! The fame I would receive! I can't even go in to Starbucks two times in a row and expect them to get my name right both times (Yasmine? Do we have a Yasmine? Uh. No. You don't have a Yasmine.). My 15 minutes would be at least extended in to an additional 20 via the web (technology!).

And yes, I also thought the meme that goes, "Hey I just met you, And this is crazy, But I have Alzheimer's, Hey I just met you" is hilarious. Do I think Alzheimers is hilarious? I don't think so.

Maybe I have it then?

And all you chicks who try to take a stand on the Make Me a Sandwich, You Should Be in the Kitchen jokes- if you can honestly not tell the difference between a man who says it and believes it and a man who says it and is joking, well, then you should probably go in the kitchen and figure it out.

Yeah, I'm a woman. A WOMAN OK?

But I've been listening to a lot of Run D.M.C. lately. Maybe I should go back to my great great great great great grandmother's lifestyle and churn butter and whistl-

Whatever, I would've been royalty 400 years ago. Bow down to me! And your mom really is so dumb!

That's all.

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