20 Things Guys In Their 20s Need

Be a grown-azz man and get your act together. Maybe then you’ll have the swagger of Ruff McThickridge.

2. A Pick-Up Line That's Actually Funny

3. A Brass Knuckle Meat Pounder

4. Dental Floss


To clean your gross teeth.

5. A Foolproof Way to Stop Your Roommates from Drinking Your Good Whiskey

Try the Lockey Bottle Lock.

6. Season Tickets

7. A Thing That Makes Stuffed Hamburgers

8. An Ill-Advised Tattoo

9. The Ability to Play Three Chords

10. A Not-Terrible Umbrella

You know you’re going to lose it eventually, though, so enjoy it while it lasts.

11. A Passport with a Stamp

12. Decent Speakers

13. A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

For “the experience.”

14. Stuff to Make Fancy Cocktails

16. A Dog That Can Do Tricks

17. A Barber They Can Trust

So, NOT this guy.

18. A Restaurant Where They Can Order "The Usual"

19. Scars

From doing stupid stuff.

20. A BROpener

Don’t bang up the corner of your table opening those brewskis: Get a BROpener instead! Keep the swag, lose the bang.

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