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The 10 People On Vine You Should Follow

If you have some time to kill, a) get your act together, b) grab some Ruffles® Chips, and c) follow these people on Vine immediately.

1. Jordan Burt

He's like that kid in high school you didn't think was funny until he became successful. Now you're wishing you would have laughed at that one joke that one time. More regret here.

2. Jacy Catlin

He shows you how to do things wrong and make bad choices. Click here for more weirdness.

3. Simply Sylvio

You'll go bananas for this ape. GET IT?!

4. Bo Burnham

It's like hanging out with your favorite slacker friend. Only in six-second intervals. Get your dude-in-a-hoodie fix here.

5. Jamie Lee

Her vines are as bizarre as she is attractive. Check the rest of her stuff out.

6. Michael LoPriore

If you love people getting hit in the face with balls (heh) you're going to dig this guy.

7. Will Sasso

Will Sasso has the face of a guy you think you know. He's from MADtv and other stuff. He totally kills it on Vine. Don't be dumb. Look at the rest of his stuff.

8. Keelayjams

Kyle M. F. Williams is also known for his super-viral project "Lost Images from Old Razr Phones." He pretty much owns the internet. Take yo' self to school.

9. Ry Doon

He's got 99 problems, but Vine ain't one. This is the spot for more of his unreal Jay-Z impersonation.

10. Brittany Furlan

Um, was that real? She totally nailed that scream. For more Vine and less screaming click here.