20 Preposterous ’80s Sports Posters

These posters are the pinnacle of human artistic achievement.

1. Karl Malone- Special Delivery

What made Karl Malone think a basketball could fit inside a mailbox? Just leave it on the front porch brah!

2. Brian Bosworth - The Land of the Boz

In the Land of Boz, Dorothy is now over 18 and getting fresh with the Boz.

3. Lawrence Taylor – The Terminator

Performance-enhancing lasers.

4. Jim Everett- General Blade

Jim Everett, a crossover athlete who blurred the lines between sports posters and pornos.

5. Michael Jordan- Space

Jordan-1, Issac Newton-0

6. Christian Okoye- Nigerian Nightmare

Okoye looks very worried/confused/upset about this poster. I don’t blame him.

7. Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco- The Bash Brothers

Jose Canseco turned out to be a terrible brother….

8. Randall Cunningham- The Eagle Has Landed

The combination of football, eagles, and moon landings make this the most American poster of all time.

9. Mike Singletary- Bermuda Triangle

The sexual tension in the room was too much for this Green Bay Packer to handle.

10. Eric Davis- 44 Magnum

Something tells me that the MLB would not have allowed this nowadays.


The only thing that stands between the world and complete annihilation is Jim McMahon’s mullet.

12. Wade Boggs- Out of this World

He just looks like a Wade, you know what I mean?

13. Dominique Wilkins- The Highlight Zone

Another athlete in space? Sure, why not.

14. Daryl Dawkins- Chocolate Thunder

The look of a man ready to have sex with his ex on a cold winter night.

15. Mark Gastineau- Markan the Barbarian

Mark would sacrifice a virgin to the volcano gods without thinking twice.

16. Patrick Ewing- Madison Square Gaurdian

The puns are getting a little out of control.

17. Andre Dawson- The Hawk

Andre’s nickname is the hawk but he looks absolutely terrified to be holding one.

18. Jim Kelly- Kelly’s Heroes

I wish our military uniforms looked like this.

19. Curt Warner- The Blade Runner

Instead of throwback uniform nights, the NFL should have ‘Back to the Future’ nights where all uniforms look like this.

20. James Worthy- L.A. Law

Why the hell is James Worthy a lawyer? What kind of law do you think he practices? Can he remove my jay-walking ticket?

21. Now in Wallpaper form!

All posters by John & Tock Costacos.

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