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5 Life Lessons From Federer And Nadal

Things we can learn from the two champions

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1. Humility


Federer and Nadal are two of the most liked superstars in the world of sports today. What makes them naturally likeable, apart from their talent and skills, is their humility. Whenever they are at a press conference or when they are with fans around them, they are not the kind who have the arrogant air of a super-achiever. Thus, no matter how successful one becomes, it is essential to stay humble and keep the feet on the ground.

2. There is always room for improvement

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I have heard Roger Federer say at an interview that becoming a champion does not mean that one stops learning . After winning a Grand Slam some years ago, Rafael Nadal had said that even though he had won, he was aware of the errors he was making in the final and would hit the practice court soon to improve before the next tournament. Practice and the constant quest for further improvement are what separates champions from the rest

3. Putting full effort in every task undertaken


We know Federer and Nadal as multiple-time individual Grand Slam champions. But I have seen them play every tournament, big or small, with equal effort and heart. They play with a lot of pride in their Davis Cup ties too when they represent their nations. Having said that, one has to sometimes know when to pick what so that our bigger goal is not impacted. Both Nadal and Federer are strategic sometimes in skipping tournaments so that their bodies recover properly from niggles or injuries

4. Believe in yourself


How often have we heard “ Roger is old. He should retire !” or “ Rafael Nadal is done. He will never win a Grand Slam again”. But they are still winning Grand Slams even in 2017 ! Criticism from others can sometimes get to us and lead us to doubt our own abilities and skills. But if we are confident, prepared and have faith in ourselves, every goal can be accomplished. There will be critics, but there will also be a set of people to support us and guide us.

5. Respect every competitor


The mutual respect that Federer and Nadal have for each other is something extraordinary. After winning a hard-fought final against Nadal in the Australian Open 2017, Federer said, “ If there were draws in tennis, I’d share this with Nadal.” When we win, it is important to be a graceful winner . Even when we lose, we should accept it gracefully. When we work with our other team members at office, there is much to learn from everyone as they all bring some value to the table. There is a need to have a certain level of respect for everyone even though we might all be competing to impress the senior management.

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