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    10 Speeches That Will Reduce Any Buffy Fan To Tears

    I'm not crying… someone just dusted a vampire in my eye, that's all.

    10. "Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die."

    9. "Without passion…we’d be truly dead."

    8. "I don't understand. I don't understand how this all happens. How we go through this."

    7. "Dawn, the hardest thing in this world — is to live in it."

    6. "Things fall apart. They fall apart so hard."

    5. "I love crayon-breaky Willow and I love scary, veiny Willow."

    4. "They put the spark in me. And now all it does is burn."

    3. "You're not special. You're extraordinary."

    2. "You’re the one, Buffy.”

    1. "Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?"