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6 Reasons Netflix's Girlboss Deserves Better Reviews

It's been described as 'a tone-deaf rallying cry to millennial narcissists', but here are 6 reasons why Netflix's Girlboss doesn't deserve such bad reviews.

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1. Sophia is a flawed character, but that's why she's great.

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The lead character Sophia is loud, brash, selfish and very self-centered. But she's also incredibly driven, ambitious and loyal to her friends. Let's not forget that the show is based on Sophia Amoruso's best-selling memoir, so Sophia is a real character and her flaws are what allow her to be three dimensional and in turn totally likeable.

3. The early 00's pop culture references.

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Set in 2006 with flashbacks to even earlier on in the 00's, Girlboss is littered with pop culture references. All early 00's teens will appreciate the OC viewing party, but be warned it may bring up emotions you thought you'd forgotten about surrounding Marissa's death.

5. RuPaul.

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The stand out character from the show is Sophia's neighbour, Lionel, played by none other than drag queen legend RuPaul. Some of the shows best moments come from Lionel, it really was a genius casting.

6. It promotes girl power.

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As the name of the show suggests, Girlboss is all about girl power. The show showcases a strong sense of female friendship and is created and produced by a team of women. As Sophia says, "Girls are collaborative, empathetic, hard workers, girls are great."

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