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Meet Chris Ayer, Your Newest Musician Crush

Come and take a gander at one of New York's most swoon-worthy singer-songwriters.

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This is Chris Ayer. He's a Brooklyn-based musician with a flair for lyricism in the introspective tradition of James Taylor, Paul Simon, and, more currently, John Mayer.

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Maybe that's because he studied Poetry AND Philosophy at Stanford University. Hubba, hubba.

He has several albums out on iTunes.

Go check out his song "Relativity" right now. Or "The Revealing" or "Roy G. Biv" or "This is a Test" or "Evaporate." ...No, seriously, go now. I'll wait here.

His newest album, The Noise, came out this past March.


Fun Fact: The album's cover photo was shot by New York based photographer Shervin Lainez, who also shot the cover for Regina Spektor's latest album, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats.

"The Infinite Abyss of Space," one of The Noise's most popular songs, was actually a last minute addition to the album.

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Here he is playing it for the first time in public at Manhattan's The Bitter End in the summer of 2012.

Now the single is being featured in Land Rover's new promotional campaign for their line of cars featuring the Meridian sound system.

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Yeah, yeah, cars are cool. Show me more Chris Ayer.

Since we're on a YouTube binge here, let's talk about Chris's channel, where he uploads live, one-take videos of his original songs.

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This one features Chris's best friend IRL, singer-songwriter Matt Simons. Matt's song "With You" became a bonafide billboard hit in the Netherlands this year.

He's been known to throw a few gorgeous covers into the mix, too.

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Dibs, y'all.

And to get back to the discussion of his musical talent, the man can write one hell of a breakup song.

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(But I find it highly doubtful that this man's ever been dumped.)

In the meantime -- keep climbing, Chris. Keep climbing.

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Miley Cyrus reference. Topical.

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