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    The Eight-Minute Tribute Video That Convinced David Remnick Hillary Clinton Is Running For President

    Obama weighs in: "A lot's been said about our personal relationship, and here's what I've become a great friend."

    Set to the soundtrack of Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are," this Hillary Clinton tribute aired last Friday at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, and convinced the New Yorker's David Remnick that "Hillary is running" in 2016.

    The video featured glowing words from some of the biggest names in global politics, including a concluding word of thanks from President Obama in a direct-to-camera message to the Secretary herself:

    Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister: "What makes Hillary Hillary is strength, toughness — very strong streak of principle. What makes all of that kind of bearable for the rest of us is when you get to know her really incredible humor and humanity. And that's what makes people not just like her but love her... I just have an instinct that the best is yet to come."

    Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister: "I've just had the opportunity to work with her to achieve a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Hillary Clinton is a strong and determined leader...She knows how to get the job done."

    Sen. John McCain: "In every place she goes, she reaches out to people, she has a smile, she's friendly — and yet beneath that friendship is a person of very firm convictions."

    Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister, Palestinian National Authority: "You know when Hillary's in the room. She is highly personable. She's real."

    Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State: "She has a laugh that is completely infectious."

    President Obama: "Through it all, I've relied on the shining qualities that have defined your life. Your conviction, your optimism, your belief that America can and must be a force for good in the world... I'll say it again — you've been one of the best secretaries of state in American history. And finally, Hillary, a lot's been said about our relationship, and here's what I know: you haven't just been one of my closest partners — you've become a great friend. I'm so grateful for your grace, you humor, your friendship."