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Michigan's Republican Governor Vetoes Concealed Gun Bill, Cites Sandy Hook Shooting

Sandy Hook was a factor, said Snyder in a statement. "This type of violence often leaves society with more questions than answers."

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Republican Michigan Governor Rick Synder vetoed a concealed gun bill Tuesday afternoon. The bill would have allowed pistol owners with additional training and permits to carry their weapons in places of worship, schools, day care centers, stadiums, and churches.

In his veto letter, sent this afternoon to the Michigan Legislature, Synder said his decision to strike down the bill surrounded its failure to allow those public entities to opt out of the concealed carry provisions. "Unfortunately, the bill did not allow schools, public day care centers, or public hospitals to prohibit persons from carrying concealed weapons on their premises," said Snyder in his veto letter. "For that reason, I am vetoing Senate Bill 59."

A press release from the governor's office added that Friday's "horrific school shootings in Connecticut also highlighted the need for a thorough review of [the bill]."

Addressing the shooting, Synder says in the statement:

"This type of violence often leaves society with more questions than answers. The reasons for such appalling acts usually are numerous and complex. With that in mind, we must consider legislation like SB 59 in a holistic manner. While the bill's goal is to help prevent needless violence, Michigan will be better served if we view it through a variety of lenses. A thoughtful review that examines issues such as school emergency policies, disenfranchised youth and mental health services may lead to more answers and better safeguards."

Gov. Snyder's Veto Letter


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