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Cory Booker Will Run For Senate, Not Governor

The Newark mayor says he will "finish the work we started" in his second term and "explore the possibility of running for United States Senate in 2014." A source says he's decided to run for Senate.

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In a video uploaded to his YouTube page Thursday morning, Newark Mayor Cory Booker — thought to be the Democratic challenger to Gov. Chris Christie in the 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial race — announced that he will complete his second term as mayor and "explore the possibility of running for United States Senate in 2014."

"As I explore a run for the United States Senate," says Booker, "I look forward to consulting with Senator Frank Lautenberg."

But a source close to Booker told BuzzFeed that the mayor's plans are a bit further along than that, and that Booker has in fact decided to run for Senate in 2014.

If Lautenberg goes not give up his seat, Booker would have to challenge the senior Senator in a Democratic primary. Lautenberg would be 90 years old running for a six-year term in 2014, were he to run for reelection.

Ruby Cramer is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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