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    20 Tweets By Senator Chuck Grassley That Will Make You Say, "WHAT?!"

    The 81-year-old Republican Senator from Iowa has more than 80,000 followers and not one of them knows what the f--- he's talking about.

    1. No Chuck, we really don't "kno"

    2. Like a good "naber" State Farm is there

    3. We ASSUME you and Fred are ASSHOLES

    4. Honestly haven't "herad" that in a while

    5. Gr 8 4u

    6. And the "wis-ser" is

    7. The History. . Channel.

    8. Is this a half-hearted attempt at an emoticon?

    9. "Because Am ppl r not stupid"

    10. Just lv jokes out of it

    11. Sounds like a winning endorsement:

    12. ???????????????

    13. I watch sports bc I like sports

    14. He's infallible, your tweets aren't

    15. u think evrything is NAIL but I am no NAIL

    16. Where WON'T there be weather?

    17. "PresO" = IDGAF abt POTUS

    18. "Axe man , Timber"

    19. C U never

    20. It's Ketchup and Catsup. Not "Catchup."

    Head to Imgur for more.

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