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18 Clever Images Only Art History Fans Will Understand

"Ceci n'est pas une poste."

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3. This clever play on Yayoi Kusama’s signature style.

4. This not-so-subtle, photoshopped treasure.


5. This sportive play on words.

7. This shameless, perennial declaration.


9. This inventive edible ensemble.

10. This fully resolved triptych.

11. This tender portrait of doting withdrawal.

12. This fundamental lesson in human anatomy.


13. This divine rendering of a man achieving his goals.

14. And this reinterpreted classic, updated to make sense to today's art consumer.

15. This farewell to a fallen Star Wars luminary.

16. This series of events revealing what actually caused "The Scream."

17. This clever concoction of past and present entertainment.

18. And this aptly titled beauty, "Girl With The Selfie Game On Point."