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If "Friends" Smoked Weed

"It's Miss Chanandler's Bong."

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1. "The One Where Ross And Rachel Go On A Break... From Smoking Weed"

2. "The One Where Joey Moves To L.A. And Gets A Medical Marijuana Card"


3. "The One Where Ross And Rachel Take Emma To Burning Man"

4. "The One Where The Gang Try To Convert Central Perk Into A Weed Dispensary"

5. "The One Where Monica Shows Up Stoned To Her Own Surprise Party"


6. "The One Where Joey Eats An Edible And Locks Himself In A Cabinet"

7. "The One Where Gunther Buys Weed For Rachel In A Sketchy Neighborhood"

8. "The One Where The Gang Discover Nana's Secret Stash"

9. "The One Where Ross Rolls A Blunt At The Natural History Museum"


10. "The One Where Everyone Likes Julie Because She Smokes"

11. "The One Where Mr. Heckles Refuses To Puff, Puff, Pass"

12. "The One Where Chandler Kicks Eddie Out Because He's Not 4/20 Friendly"


13. "The One Where Joey Orders Ten Pizzas"

14. "The One Where Phoebe Won't Move To Minsk Because Nobody Smokes Weed In Russia"

15. "The One Where Marcel Finds Ross' Stash"

16. "The One Where Monica Gets High And Makes 50 Jams"


17. "The One Where Rachel Buys An Apothecary Table To Roll Her Joints"

18. "The One Where Monica Breaks Up With Pete Because He Has Asthma"

19. "The One Where Joey And Ross Smoke Indica And Take A Nap Together"


20. "The One Where The Secret Closet Is Actually A Hydroponic Garden"

21. "The One Where The Gang Gets Faded And Stares At Ugly Naked Guy For Hours"

22. "The One Where Rachel Smokes A Dank Eighth Of Granddaddy Purple And Buys A Hairless Cat"


23. "The One Where Joey Installs A Vaporizer On The Mr. Beaumont"

24. "The One Where Chandler Changes His Last Name To Bong"