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21 Times Tumblr Got Way Too Real About Unemployment

Help me, I'm poor.

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1. When you applied to LITERALLY every job opening you could find because you were desperate for money.

2. When you realized college didn't actually prepare you for the real world.

3. When you finally understood the value of "earned income."

4. When you realized you weren't prepared for job interviews.

5. When you applied for jobs you knew you weren't qualified for.

6. When you tried to rationalize your unemployment to your parents.

7. When you accepted the fact that you were a "professional" job hunter.

8. When you learned to embrace your bittersweet freedom.

9. When you grew frustrated with employer's ridiculous demands.

10. When you lowered your expectations so far you couldn't even see them anymore.

11. When you put on a a brave for your friends despite the odds...

12. ... But you just couldn't hide the jealously you felt over their employment.

13. When you learned to use sarcasm to ward off the haters.

14. When you realized there were two kinds of people in this world: those with jobs, and those without.

15. When you nailed your first interview in months, but never got a response from HR.

16. When you stared into the mirror and refused to recognize the person you've become.

17. When you struggled to retain your sanity after countless rejections, but persevered anyway.

18. When your job hunting expectations finally hit rock bottom.

19. When after all the hard work and dedication you poured into your job search, you still felt completely and utterly hopeless.

20. When you gave up your job search because there was literally nothing else to apply for.

21. And when you made peace with the fact that having a job just isn't meant for you.

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