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24 Ways Marijuana Takes Thanksgiving To The Next Level

Today we give thanks to the Lord our Ganj, for this bountiful Danksgiving meal.

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1. Smoking weed on Thanksgiving is a time honored tradition.

2. There's really nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Once you get the munchies, you're in for an AWESOMELY DELICIOUS meal.

4. And if you've never been high on Thanksgiving, tomorrow is a great day to start.

5. Just be sure to leave behind enough leftovers.

6. Or you'll be dubbed the human vacuum.

7. Second helpings can just as easily turn into thirds.

8. If you COULD take it all home you WOULD.

9. Smoking weed on Thanksgiving is also REALLY fun with other family members.

Especially the ones who like to get high in secret.

10. Because let's face it, family is EVERYTHING.

Extra points if they have a weed card.

11. It's important not to get TOO HIGH though.

12. Because having a bad trip on Thanksgiving is the WORST.

13. Just remember to stay CALM.

14. And try not to OVERTHINK things.

15. It'll only make matters WORSE.

16. Deep down, you know what you HAVE to do...

17. THAT'S RIGHT, you'll need to summon the COURAGE TO GET EVEN HIGHER.

18. Why? Because it will either mellow you out...

19. Or throw yourself into an even DEEPER and DARKER state of paranoia and despair.

20. And nobody wants that, bro.

21. Because the key to any mind- altering drug is positivity.

22. Especially around family members you couldn't care less about.

23. That's what makes weed so great.

24. It totally gets you.

Happy Danksgiving! "Keep blazing & stay amazing."

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