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    • rtrock

      That’s not how the world works. Things don’t just stop and go away because we’ve hit some arbitrary year. Making fun of white people isn’t the same as making fun of black/Asian/gay/etc. people because there’s a lot of powerful, real, violent history behind it. There’s a thing called privilege that different groups get to enjoy, whether they realize it or not. Let’s go back to How I Met Your Mother. A very popular show that features virtually no people of color, people of a lower class, transgendered people, or even gay/lesbian people, for that matter. Imagine you’re in one of those groups and you’re not a straight able-bodied white person whose race has pretty much had the run of things here for, oh, ever. You’ve had to hear slurs and comments your whole life that reduce your culture to a joke and you know the vast majority of people you know and people you see on TV don’t care or have an appreciation for any of it. Your culture isn’t faithfully represented anywhere. It’s a joke for a lot of people. You turn on How I Met Your Mother and you literally watch white people pick and choose bastardized versions of your culture for cheap laughs for 22 minutes and then when you feel hurt by it, a white person who’s never had to endure any kind of racial hardship in a country that’s had his or her back since day one says “Get over it.”

    • rtrock

      Good, because it’s a terrible argument. Were white people subjugated to 200+ years of slavery, post-slavery systematic cultural/legal justifications to keep them from working, voting, owning property, marrying, quality education, that kind of thing? Do the legal removal of some of those mechanisms automatically remove those lingering cultural justifications that have existed for centuries? The answer’s “no” to all of those questions? Huh. That’s (partly) why.

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