rtidwell I am a bearded Jesus loving poet. I am also a graphic designer, video editor, and photographer. Let's work together!
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  • How To Shave Your Beard For Charity

    Some beards are destined for greatness; this is one of those beards. In March of 2014 Rich Tidwell’s beard was 1 year old (a yeard!) and he donated it’s birthday to Charity: Water in order to help prevent the 2.2 million water related deaths a year and improve access to clean water. So the question was asked, should he Save It or Shave It? You answered by raising $1,733 to build clean water wells with Charity: Water and shave the glorious yeard off his face. We made a comical follow up video for your enjoyment, thank you so much for your contributions, you have helped relieve human suffering around the world!

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