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    5 Simple Low Cost Farming Solutions That Will Blow Your Mind

    All of these solutions are extremely effecting in reducing erosion and increasing yield for subsistence farmers all over the globe!

    Crop Rotation

    Photo from Natural Resources Conservation Service Iowa / Via

    Crop rotation allows subsistence farmers (and all farmers) to grow the same crop on the same field in different seasons of the year. It is extremely beneficial to farmers as it keeps the soil covered all year round and in doing so, mitigates erosion.


    Didier Ruef, 2004 / Via

    Intercropping fields of maize, beans and pineapple plants.

    Intercropping is the process of growing more that one crop on one field at the same time, it can be extremely beneficial to subsistence farmers, and costs no extra money to start up!

    Minimization of Bare Soil

    AG WEB / Via

    When soils are left bare during the off-season, it can cause erosion and run-off. By planting a low-cost grass once you've harvested your crops it can save you a world of trouble later!

    Practicing "No-Till" Agriculture

    CleanSeed Capital Group ltd. / Via

    Practicing no-till agriculture is a very simple practice that will cost you no money! No-till agriculture allows for the soil to take its 'natural' state, and oxygen and nutrients are much more present for the crops.

    Tied Ridges To Prevent Run-Off

    FAO / Via

    This simple low-cost solution will prevent run-off and erosion for subsistence farmers. Farmers can create ridges in between the rows of crops, allowing water to pool nicely and drain so that there is no excess run-off.

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