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    F'd (The Web Series)

    The world has gone to shit. Society has crumbled. The survivors are assholes. With Mo Collins, Lucas Neff, Craig Cackowski, Amanda Lund, Susane Lee, Derek Miller, and more!

    Episode 1: The Easy Cure


    The survivors meet up with a stranger who may hold the key to ending the apocalypse.

    Guest Starring Craig Cackowski.

    Episode 2: Trapped in the Closet


    The survivors find themselves in a precarious position and Ryan must make a difficult decision when his ex-girlfriend discovers them.

    Guest starring Amanda Lund, and Eric Petersen.

    Episode 3: Strange Days


    Molly and Julia's actions go too far for Ryan, who finally decides to leave the RV for good.

    Guest starring Chelsea Skidmore, and Rachel Kimsey.

    Episode 4: Happy Together


    A friendly new face ignites romantic feelings for Julia.

    Guest starring Lucas Neff.

    Episode 5: It's A Family Affair


    Molly reunites with her family and a past love. Julia has her faith tested and Ryan finally feels accepted.

    Guest starring Susane Lee, Thomas Fowler, Derek Miller, and many more!

    Episode 6: Shortly Before The End


    Julia and Ryan fight over a choice piece of real estate while Molly works on a secret project.

    Guest starring Mo Collins.