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    Your Life-Sized Gummy Clone Leads The Evening Links

    That's right: GUMMY YOU. Only in Japan, kids, only in Japan.

    Nope, nothing creepy about this at all.

    Image by FabCafe courtesy of Betabeat

    The nightmarishly delicious future is now at Betabeat.

    Robin's kicking the bucket this week, but nothing in comics is forever.

    Image by DC Comics courtesy of The Week

    And to prove it, The Week has compiled a list of 8 absolutely ridiculous ways that comic book characters have been brought back from the dead.

    So there's an 'Argo'-'Home Alone' mashup now.

    Image by dogfoodfilms courtesy of The Atlantic Wire

    Because of course there is. Catch it at The Atlantic Wire.

    Erykah Badu, connoisseur of big hats.

    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

    Popdust has 12 examples. Happy birthday, Erykah! NICE HAT!

    Peacoats are kind of the greatest, but where do they come from?

    Getty Images

    Mental Floss has the answer, as always.

    This guy took the 'Breaking Bad' tour of Albuquerque and got to hang out with Bryan Cranston.

    Photo by Nadia Chaudhury courtesy of Uproxx

    Get really, really jealous at Uproxx.

    Welcome to the wild and crazy world of AR-15 modification.

    "Like the hot rod craze, high definition stereo trend, and the fixed gear bike phenomenon before it, the AR-15 appeals to the American desire for individuality and customizability," writes Motherboard.

    Kirk Cameron isn't the only star from your childhood who got a little bit too much religion.

    View this video on YouTube


    This Flavorwire list goes from "not very surprising" to "seriously random" in a hurry.

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