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Your Life-Sized Gummy Clone Leads The Evening Links

That's right: GUMMY YOU. Only in Japan, kids, only in Japan.

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Robin's kicking the bucket this week, but nothing in comics is forever.

Image by DC Comics courtesy of The Week

And to prove it, The Week has compiled a list of 8 absolutely ridiculous ways that comic book characters have been brought back from the dead.


Welcome to the wild and crazy world of AR-15 modification.

"Like the hot rod craze, high definition stereo trend, and the fixed gear bike phenomenon before it, the AR-15 appeals to the American desire for individuality and customizability," writes Motherboard.

Kirk Cameron isn't the only star from your childhood who got a little bit too much religion.

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This Flavorwire list goes from "not very surprising" to "seriously random" in a hurry.