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    Yogurt For Bros Leads The Evening Links

    "Power Yogurt" is the world's first male nutritional supplement yogurt. But mostly it seems like a bad joke.

    Powerful Yogurt via The Atlantic Wire

    Get the story on this... um... awkward product at The Atlantic Wire.

    This is a painting of Darth Vader on a matchbook.

    Image by Joseph Martinez courtesy of Flavorwire

    Check out nine more tiny li'l portraits of pop-culture icons at Flavorwire.

    Is it even *possible* to construct a functional joke about a nine-year-old at the Oscars?

    Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

    The Awl examines the question in depth.

    Spring Break is kicking off at one NFL star's house even though he isn't there yet.

    Learn his (entirely unsurprising) identity at Busted Coverage.

    Sure they're majestic, but what do they TASTE like?

    Sari Oneal via Shutterstock

    The Week has a brief menu of descriptions.

    Stylish toothpaste: It's a thing.

    Check out 10 examples of aspirational dental-hygiene products at Remodelista.

    These two have been married for 16 years.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Which lands them on YourTango's list of Hollywood's most successful marriages, but nowhere near the top.

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