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    Willie Nelson's Stoner Gandalf Audition Leads The Daily Links

    Plus the last ninja in Japan, 4 bizarre plastic surgery trends, and a big step towards space tourism.

    "Hey, look at that dragon!" Country legend Willie Nelson would be the best Gandalf ever. - [TeamCoco]


    Infomercials really are big business: Check out the numbers in this list of 10 of the best-selling infomercial products ever. - [mental_floss]

    The new trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's giant-robots-battling-aliens movie Pacific Rim is out. Needless to say, it looks pretty mind-blowing. - [FilmDrunk]

    AFP / Getty Images

    Meet Jinichi Kawakami. He's the very last ninja in Japan. - [Daily Mail]


    Chinplant, anyone? It's not exactly clear why these 4 bizarre plastic surgery trends exist. - [The Week] / Via

    Ever dreamed of going to space? Virgin Galactic just took a big step towards making space tourism a reality. - [The Atlantic Wire]

    Getty Images

    Jason Collins made history by coming out today. And many, many prominent people have issued statements of support on Twitter. - [ThinkProgress]

    Margaret Bourke-White — Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

    There's still no such thing as a time machine. But these incredibly evocative photos of American bombers and their crews in 1942 are pretty darn close. - [LIFE]

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