Will This Bitchin’ New Candy Make Your Stomach Explode?

Parents nationwide are totally spazzing out about Pop Rocks. Are they right on, or do they need to take a chill pill?

1. Pop Rocks are made by forcing pressurized CO2 into a syrup and then letting it cool, trapping bubbles inside the solidified candy.

2. When the Rocks dissolves in your mouth, the CO2 escapes and the bubbles go *POP*.

This tingles a little bit, but that’s about the worst of it: The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed General Foods’ claim, repeated in newspaper ads and in letters to school principals around the country, that Pop Rocks are completely safe to eat.

4. What happens at 0:31 of this video will not happen to your stomach.

5. Neither will this.

6. Which is good news, because Pop Rocks are a total gas!

That said, we still can’t be sure what happens when you mix Pop Rocks and soda. So until some guys come along someday and prove that eating them together ISN’T like swallowing a bomb, be careful: Don’t eat Pop Rocks and drink soda at the same time. Better safe than exploded.

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