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8 Web Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring a dramatic reenactment of YouTube comments, the college kid who tried to bash his head through a coffee table, and Harry Potter's adventure at Penn Station.

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Harry Potter's Trip To Penn Station Is So Adorable It Hurts

Improv Everywhere dressed an 11-year-old actor up as Harry Potter and sent him to Penn Station to catch the train to Hogwarts. Watching him ask strangers for directions to Platform 9 3/4 will pretty much make your day. (3:27)


An Absolutely Hilarious Dramatic Reenactment Of YouTube Comments

YouTube comment wars are some of the craziest things in the world. So comedy channel Dead Parrot had two actors stage a fight between two YouTubers on a One Direction video as a dramatic scene, and the results will *not* disappoint. (3:15)

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Yes, This Is A Twerking Turkey

As part of their "Friendsgiving" promotion, Logo TV has released a delightfully insane music video about how to make Thanksgiving dinner. The most important step? TWERKING YOUR TURKEY. (2:40)

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How Stay-At-Home Moms Spend Their Days

3 Queens, a short film by director Matt Bieler, shows everything that three stay-at-home moms in different parts of the country do all day. If this doesn't make you want to call your mom to tell her you love her, nothing will. (2:38)


Definitive Proof That College Kids Will Do Anything For Money

‘Luggy’ Jeffrey, a student at The University of Nottingham, was offered £20 to bash his head into a coffee table as hard as he could. And naturally, being a drunk college kid, he couldn't resist. (0:46)

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852 Instagrams Combined Into One Gorgeous Short Film

Director Thomas Jullien "wanted to create structure out of [the] chaos" of Instagram. So he stitched together 852 different photos by 852 different photographers into this incredibly lovely time-lapse video. (1:46)

The Thanksgivukkah Anthem You Never Knew You Needed

Thanksgiving and Hannukah only fall out on the same day once every 70,000 years. This super-fun song will convince you to make the most of this year's glorious coincidence. (2:24)

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Because Girls Can Be Engineers Too

A toy manufacturer called Goldieblox is trying to get girls interested in science and math from a young age. So they made this amazing music video – featuring a rewritten version of the Beastie Boys classic "Girls" – where three young girls turn their stereotypically "girly" toys into a dazzling Rube Goldberg machine. (2:06)

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