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There's A DJ School For Babies In Brooklyn Now

Even though babies are, you know, babies. (h/t HyperVocal)

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This new VICE short tells the story behind DJ and composer Natalie Elizabeth Weiss's Baby DJ School, which opened in Brooklyn in September.

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Weiss says that she got the idea for Baby DJ School when she was babysitting a 1 1/2 year old boy.

She had her laptop and MIDI trigger with her for a gig later that night and asked him if he wanted to see how it works, and he loved it.

According to the school's Facebook page, the three-month program "transforms the ordinary Mommy-and-me sing-along experience into an educational escapade into the wonderful worlds of electro, hip-hop, and house."

Weiss also claims that Baby DJ School "increases gross and fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, language skills and fosters a special bond between caretaker and baby because they are both learning a new skill!"

Of course, not all the babies are actually interested in wearing headphones.

And they don't all have the healthy appreciation for vinyl that they should.

But all in all, the kids do seem to have a pretty darn good time.

Weiss hopes to use the work she's doing at Baby DJ School to help her in her own musical career.

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