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    A Freaking Adorable Cat Typeface Leads The Daily Links

    Plus Aaron Paul and the word "bitch," what it's like to be chased by killer whales, and film-set photos by the Big Lebowski himself.

    Put down your boring old Arial and Times New Roman. THERE'S A CAT FONT NOW. - [RocketNews24]

    Matt Sayles / Invision / AP

    People sure do ask Aaron Paul, aka Jessie Pinkman, to say "bitch" a lot. But you'll be pleased to know that he's totally cool about it. - [Vulture]

    Imagine being chased by a pod of killer whales. It happened to a couple an their anniversary trip, and they caught it on video. - [Daily Mail]

    YouTube via Daily Mail

    So you want to be punk without being a punk. Let these classic movies show you how it's done. - [Refinery29]

    Photo courtesy of Hemdale Films


    A Texas woman's son was shot by accident. So what did she do? Checked WebMD, of course. - [Newser]


    Want to get a sense of how we've changed our planet? These 7 incredibly dramatic GIFs are a good start. - [The Atlantic Tech]

    For years now, Jeff Bridges has been taking black-and-white photos on the sets of his movies. They're very, very cool. - []

    Photo by Jeff Bridges

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