The Woman Who Taught Herself To Dance In A Year Leads The Daily Links

Plus 10 SyFy Channel movies that are just as ridiculous as Sharknado, a very astute observation about Adam Sandler characters, and what happens when you try to kiss a lion.

Karen didn’t know how to dance. So she practiced everywhere, all the time, and filmed it. - [Uproxx]

Today in “now that you mention it”: Have you ever noticed that Adam Sandler characters always live in giant mansions? - [Vulture]

These incredible portraits are made in part of Legos. And they’re so well done that the Legos can be really tough to spot. - [Slate]

Sharknado sounds absolutely insane, sure. But the SyFy Channel has made plenty of ridiculous movies before. - [The Week]

Lauren Fagen was volunteering at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa. And everything was going just fine until she tried to kiss a lion. - [Daily Mail]

That’s Ian Somerhalder on the left and Chase Crawford on the right. Or is it the other way around? These 10 sets of celebs can be really tough to tell apart. - [The Frisky]

Patton Oswalt and Jason Schwartzmann. Singing in the Star Wars cantina. There is no downside here. - [Gamma Squad]

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