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    The Robbery-At-Gunpoint Play Set Leads The Afternoon Links

    Appropriate for ages already convicted and up.

    1. Um.

    Read all about this terrible idea at the Daily Mail.

    2. What really stupid thing did Al Capone once do at the end of a round of golf?


    See The Week for details.


    Learn everything you need to know about your smoky new overlord at the Huffington Post.

    4. So it turns out that Latin is still totally useful.

    It's true! The proof is at Intelligencer.

    5. Professor John Galliano?

    Jacques Brinon, file / AP

    Sure why not. Story at Page Six.

    6. There are definite perks to being an ex-Pope, you know.

    Osservatore Romano / Reuters

    Get the rundown at The Daily Beast.

    7. Mollycoddle! Muckraker! Nature-faker!

    And 8 other words and phrases popularized by Teddy Roosevelt, courtesy of mental_floss. BULLY!

    8. Where does your city rank on the iPhone Index?

    Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

    Figure out where you'd like to move at The Fiscal Times.

    9. Remember it fondly.

    Because as Newser reports, Maker's Mark is about to get watered down.

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