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    The Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard Leads The Evening Links


    Image by Brandon Bird via Uproxx

    It's a thing and you can read about it at Uproxx.

    Speaking of hair, is Mike Krzyzewski's luxuriously jet-black mane real?

    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

    Quinn Cook is skeptical, as is Lost Lettermen.

    Remember these things?

    Image courtesy of via The Week

    Apparently Apple does, as The Week points out.

    This is Billy Corgan in a furniture commercial.

    No really. Explanation at Flavorwire.

    Kids call 911 for the darndest reasons.

    Image by Refat via Shutterstock

    Get one li'l scamp's story at Newser.

    The first flying car took flight on this date in 1937.

    Image by cliff1066™ via Geekosystem

    Lament what might have been with Geekosystem.

    FACT: Grace Jones has one of the most badass shaved heads of all time.

    ALSO A FACT: The Cut's list of 21 Badass Bald Moments is pretty badass itself.

    You gotta admit, that's a pretty cool way to hang a TV.

    Photo by Ragnar Ómarsso via Remodelista

    See Remodelista for this and four other neat ideas about how to display a flat-screen.

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