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    The 10 Best Orgasms In Movie History Lead The Daily Links

    Plus 20 cringe-inducing album covers, the wittiest, most delightful GIFs you'll see today, and science's answer to a question that's plagued beachgoers since the dawn of time.


    It's National Orgasm Day. Celebrate with this (obviously NSFW) compilation of the best orgasms in movies. - [The Daily Beast] / Via

    By now we're all pretty used to seeing GIFs of scenes from TV and movies. But artist Guillaume Kurkdjian’s creations represent a whimsical animated world all their own. - [Flavorwire]


    Some onscreen couples have almost magical-seeming chemistry. And some just don't. At all. - [Refinery29]

    Tomato risotto with WHAT? Nope. Nope nope nope. - [Daily Mail]


    Care to see some truly gorgeous, artistic album covers? Then whatever you do, don't look at these. - [Uproxx]


    There WAS a world before sexting, you know: Check out these 12 scandalous love letters from famous people. - [YourTango]

    Is it or is it not OK to pee in the ocean? Don't worry: Science is ON IT. - [Betabeat]


    Vintage photos of surfers: These are just plain cool. - [The Week]

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