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    Posted on Apr 17, 2013

    The Most Glorious Engagement Photos Ever Lead The Daily Links

    Plus really early Nick Offerman, 9 terrible props used in bank robberies, and the greatest desk in the world.

    Engagement photos can be pretty sickening. Which is why these are so incredibly awesome. - [Flavorwire]

    Photos by Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin via Flavorwire / Via

    Problem: Work makes you sleepy. Solution: This desk. - [The Atlantic]!

    This is Nick Offerman. In a 2000 indie movie called Tuna. With Louis C.K. in it. Which you can now watch online. - [Vulture]

    Ah, Iceland: A country whose population is so tiny that they had to invent an app to keep you from making out with your cousin. - [Betabeat] / Via

    You've probably heard about the Yankees playing "Sweet Caroline" to honor Boston. But the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans also staged a very classy, very sweet musical tribute last night. - [With Leather]


    Bank robbers usually hold up banks with, you know, guns. But sometimes, they use other stuff instead. Like spaghetti sauce. - [The Week]


    No one will ever fully solve the mystery of the platypus. But these 8 facts will definitely get you somewhere. - [mental_floss]

    Hooked on Facebook? New research suggests that your habit might actually be bad for your health. - [Daily Mail]

    Tomislav Pinter /

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