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    Posted on May 10, 2013

    One Last, Profoundly Stupid Harlem Shake Leads The Daily Links

    Plus brutally honest Mad Men Mother's Day cards, the saltiest sandwich in the universe, and a flowchart outlining what everyone thinks they know about The Great Gatsby.

    A Harlem Shake where explosives get set off on the hood of a car? Yeah, this'll end well. - [Daily Mail]

    YouTube via Daily Mail


    Has there ever been a wiser TV mom than Lucille Bluth? Absolutely not. Here's her collected wisdom to prove it. - [Uproxx]

    And speaking of Mother's Day: Here are six brutally honest Mad Men cards to express how you really feel. - [Flavorwire]

    Image by Jennifer Lewis for Flavorwire

    What's this delightful-looking thing? Why it's a ramen burger, of course. - [Grub Street New York]

    Somehow this just makes sense: According to new research, owning pets may actually be good for your heart. - [The Week]


    Everyone is talking about The Great Gatsby this week. But how many people know what it's actually about? See this flowchart. - [HuffPost Comedy]

    National Train Day is tomorrow. To celebrate, check out Walker Evans's gorgeous vintage photos of freight cars. - [LIFE]

    Walker Evans—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

    This is an inside view of the left nostril. Dr. Kai Hung-fung's 3D images of the body from within are totally psychedelic. - [Slate]

    Photo by Dr. Kai-hung Fung via Slate

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