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    Jul 16, 2013

    The Most Horrifying Reason You Could Possibly Have A Headache Leads The Daily Links

    Plus the first edible iPhone case, 21 actors who were on Sex and the City before you knew who they were, and more advice from the craziest sorority girl ever.


    When Rochelle Harris got back from her Peruvian vacation, her head hurt a bit. When she went to the doctor, she found out that THERE WERE FLESH-EATING MAGGOTS INSIDE HER SKULL. - [Daily Mail]


    It's been a very big summer for interns in the news. But who are this year's best and worst? - [The Atlantic Wire]

    This is an edible iPhone case. Yup. - [Betabeat]


    Wait, Vince Vaughn was on Sex and the City? Actually, it turns out that LOTS of actors were on SATC before you knew who they were. - [Warming Glow] / Via

    You've got a giant concrete building to take down but you don't want to make a mess. No problem: Just get yourself this concrete-eating robot. - [Treehugger]


    Rebecca Martinson, the world's most notorious sorority girl, is back with more advice: This time she has 5 reasons why your game is failing. - [BroBible]

    8 celebrities about to escape bigger versions of themselves: There is no rational way to explain this. - [CollegeHumor] / Via

    Sometimes brunch is just brunch. But sometimes, it means a lot more than just OJ and eggs. - [Serial Optimist]

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