The "Family Matters" Movie Kickstarter Leads The Daily Links

Plus Nick Offerman’s new cartoon, a subway sax battle for the ages, and little kids trying to tell jokes.

Reginald Veljohnson aka Carl Winslow has an offer you can’t refuse: a Kickstarter for a Family Matters movie. Oh, but not just ANY Family Matters movie. - [FunnyOrDie]

Once upon a time a 5-year-old boy created a comic called Axe Cop. Now Nick Offerman is starring in Fox’s animated version. - [Splitsider]


This epic subway sax battle may or may not be staged. But either way, IT IS GLORIOUS. - [Gothamist]

YouTube courtesy of Gothamist

This thing was pulled out of the water in China a few days ago. Is it a prank or a monster skeleton? Decide for yourself. - [RocketNews24]

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

Is Rob Lowe the most stylish man who’s ever lived? UM OBVIOUSLY. - [HuffPost Comedy]

Jessie J is rocking the shaved look really, really hard. But she’s not alone in “the female baldy hall of fame.” - [Popdust]

Is there anything more adorable than little kids trying to tell jokes? No. No there is not. - []


Does this look like just another ruin? Think again: Archaeologists are saying that it could be the gate to the ancient Greek underworld. - [Newser]

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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