20 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Amusement Parks Lead The Daily Links

Plus Kim Kardashian’s sex tape as proof she’ll be a great mom, a very cool Breaking Bad photo project, and an awful new dating site that will only let you join if you pass their “quirky and interesting” test.

Gorgeous and creepy in equal measure: Photographer Francesco Mugnai’s images of abandoned amusement parks. - [Flavorwire]

Is Kim Kardashian going to make a good mother? Of course she is: It’s all right there in her sex tape. - [PopDust]

Black and white images of scenes from Breaking Bad laid over their real Albuquerque locations: These are SO AWESOME. - [Uproxx]

There’s a new dating site called Loveflutter. You can only join if you pass a test proving how “quirky” and “interesting” you are. It is the worst. - [Refinery29]

How well do you know your movie comedies? Find out by taking this glorious IMDB plot keywords quiz. - [Vulture]

Shutterstock / Via brobible.com

Bro joins country club. Bro behaves very poorly at country club. Bro is expelled from country club almost immediately. - [BroBible]

Universal TV / Via yourtango.com

Come on now: Would these 7 beloved TV couples just HOOK UP ALREADY? - [YourTango]

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