15 Seriously Weird Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Lead The Daily Links

Plus stunning photos from the edge of an erupting volcano, the question of why Ben Affleck would want to risk playing Batman, and the ultimate in cockroach-related nightmare fuel.

Disney / Via flavorwire.com

Some people are content just to watch cartoons. But other people read really, really far into them. - [Flavorwire]

Miles Morgan / Via dailymail.co.uk

Why would anyone set up their camera one meter away from an erupting volcano? To get absolutely stunning images, of course. - [Daily Mail]

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Given how hard he’s had to work to become a respected figure in Hollywood, it’s easy to wonder why Ben Affleck would want to risk playing Batman. But the answer is simple: Because he still wants to be a huge movie star. - [Vulture]

Wait, how many cockroaches escaped from a lab? This is the worst. This is the absolute worst. - [Death and Taxes]

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has been helping scientists study the universe for 10 years now. And in that time, it’s taken some truly mesmerizing photographs. - [Wired]

Marvel Comics / Via theatlanticwire.com

Ant-Man is the next Marvel superhero to get his own movie. But he’s best known for something much darker than you’d expect: The time he hit his wife. - [The Atlantic Wire]

Is there any way to avoid getting a speeding ticket? Here are 7 tips from an actual cop. - [BroBible]

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