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    20 Of The Most Heartbreaking Fictional Couples Ever Lead The Daily Links

    Plus a 19-year-old Lena Dunham's letter to a sex columnist, 15 gloriously cheesy Breaking Bad knock-knock jokes, and a new problem called SLEEP TEXTING.

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    We'd like to believe that true love always goes hand-in-hand with a "happily ever after." But because it doesn't quite work like that, here are 20 heartbreaking fictional couples. - [Refinery29]

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    Knock knock. Who's there, besides the one who knocks? 15 gloriously cheesy Breaking Bad knock-knock jokes. - [Vulture]


    They don't make book covers like they used to: Just check out these absolutely gorgeous vintage suspense novels. - [Flavorwire]


    Rebecca Martinson, the Insane Sorority Girl, has more to say: This time, about the 10 worst people on a college campus. - [BroBible]


    Are you lost every time someone texts you a dancing crab? Good thing someone wrote this emoji guide for the clueless. - [Nerve]

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    Once upon a time, long before Girls, Lena Dunham was just a 19-year-old writing a letter to a sex columnist about still being a virgin. - [Warming Glow]

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    Care to see something heart-stoppingly beautiful? Then these stunning photos of Iceland's landscape are for you. - [Daily Mail]

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    Now officially a thing you can worry about: TEXTING IN YOUR SLEEP. - [Betabeat]